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Screw stripes

Autec's screw stripes are long-lasting, reliable, specific accessories for small hardware items packed in skin or blister packaging or similar products that are sold in the DIY-hardware aisle.

Items like hooks, hinges, strips, etc.. often include fastening or fixing screws. These can effectively be accounted for with the customized screw strips manufactured by our company.

The stripes are exceptionally well-integrated to the packaging process (skin, blister or bag), offering a considerable optic enhancement of the transparently-packed item and allowing the consumer a quick and clear overview of the pieces enclosed.

Once the stripe is removed from the item's packaging, the screws are easy to detach and manipulate from the bond. The length of the stripe (number of screws) is variable and can be produced according to the specificities of each item or client, adaptable to the requirements of the structure.


TECHNICAL DATA: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stripe length / # of screws per stripe ... 2 ... 1,000 pcs.

Parameters of processable screws: L x W = ca. 10 ... 40 mm x ca. 2 ... 4.5 mm

 (other specs and/or details about variation possibilities upon request!)

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